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Rich Shapero's novel (available in both book and app format), Wild Animus tracks the reckless quest of Ransom Altman, a young Berkeley graduate who—roused by his literary heroes and love for his girlfriend, Lindy—resolves to live in a new world of “inexhaustible desire.”

Wild Animus combines Rich Shapero’s primal novel with original music and the Art Brut paintings of François Burland, in conjunction with photo collages by Adde Russell, to create an immersive story experience that takes readers on a quest for a bliss beyond fear.

"Powerful and complex."

—Library Journal

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Wild Animus by author Rich Shapero is a story in which the quest for 'bliss beyond fear' drives a young idealist to the Alaskan wilderness. Use this website to learn more about Wild Animus in both book and app format including the music and art of the book (as well as musicians and artist collaborators). Wild Animus is available as a book on Amazon as well as as an app for iOS (Apple), Android, and Amazon.